Putting the Social Back in Social Studies

This chapter was a great way to start out the book and let the readers know what they can expect from the author. I liked out Schmidt gave an outline of what each chapter would cover and how teachers can use this book for different purposes.

Right away Schmidt discussed how Social Studies is an overlooked subject. Math and Science are the main emphasis taught in our schools today, and everything revolves around standards. Society has become so digitized that anything that doesn’t have to do with decoding or computerization is seen to be less important. Social Studies is a valuable subject, and can be interesting again if we allow the teachings of it to be.

I want to be a Social Sciences teacher because I find the subject material highly interesting. Learning about our past and making connections to present day events is what makes students attracted in this subject. It isn’t all about numbers or memorization, but about making connections to people and events in each student’s life. Schmidt talks about how standardizing everything made Social Studies uninteresting. Teachers had to “squeeze social studies into the schedule” because there wasn’t a large amount of time devoted to it. Finding the balance of teaching what has to be taught from the standards, and making it interesting for students is challenging, but it is something teachers have to do. There is a quote from chapter one that stuck out to me, “teaching hasn’t happened until kids learn.” As a teacher the most important thing is helping your students. Sticking to the standards can hinder a student’s ability to actually learn the material. However, by putting the social back in Social Studies students will be more inclined to learn the material.


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