Preparing Learning Objectives & Assessing Student Learning

This chapter focused on learning objectives and goals that teachers should set for their students. Goals are important because they provide a direction for the course. As a teacher it will be important for me to set the tone and direction of what my class is going to learn over the course of the year. However, I don’t think that setting one, broad goal for my class is the right way to approach learning objectives. The authors did a good job of pointing out that objectives are important when teaching, but as a teacher I think you should have specific goals for each student. Not every student is going to learn the same way therefore they may not learn exactly the same things being taught over the year. In my practicum I can already see the different types of students and their learning styles. As a teacher it will be important for me to get to know my student and see how they learn and set individual goals for them.

Another topic this chapter discussed was assessment. We’ve been talking about assessments and standardized testing in class lately, and it is an important topic. “Assessment is seen not as an end in itself but as a critically important feedback loop for instruction” (pg. 37). I thought this quote was great because it shows how assessments can be used effectively for students. Not as a punishment or something to bring their grades down, but as checkpoint for them to see if they understand the relevant content. Almost all teachers will have to give out some type of assessment to their students, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I think assessments are a good way of checking what your students know and evaluating your class direction from there.



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