Planning, Managing, and Motivating


I like how this chapter talked a lot about lesson and unit planning. I found that information very helpful because we haven’t written many lesson or unit plans. I also liked how the authors outlined the components of a unit plan and gave specific examples of ones. It was helpful to see the unit plan organized that way.

Motivation was another part of this chapter. The authors talked about how one of the greatest worries of many student teachers has to do with management and discipline in the classroom (pg. 80). After being in my practicum for a couple weeks I can see discipline being a large worry. I relate discipline and motivation because many students act out because they are not motivated to learn the material. In my practicum I have students who haven’t done any of the assignments and are unwilling to study for exams. Most of the students who are unmotivated don’t have a great home life. Their parents don’t care about their schoolwork as much as they should, and I think that has a large effect on the students. Using extrinsic motivation seems to work for most of the students. By offering them free time, or being able to listen to their music during work time they behave better and do their assignments.

However, I worry that there will be cases where students don’t have any motivation at all. There are students who don’t care if they graduate from high school and therefore don’t put in the work to pass a class. I think helping students find motivation is one of the most challenging tasks a teacher does.


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