Lecture and Direct Instruction

I like how this chapter gave clear instructions for planning and implementing lectures. The step-by-step procedure was helpful with setting up lectures. Working on the unit plan for our class I have seen how important it is to be organized and be able to plan a lecture out clearly so you are prepared as a teacher. In this process the authors also talked about student note-taking skills. I thought this was an important section. While reading this part I thought about how challenging it is for many of my students to take notes. We have to highlight the parts of the PowerPoint that we want them to write down. Also the important things have to be repeated a couple times throughout the lecture to make sure the students understand what they are supposed to be focusing on. I liked how the authors talked about handing papers out to the students as well as having it on the overhead. I think this is important because it is often times easier for students to recognize small details and closer examine something if it is in their hands.

I also liked how Larson and Keiper talked about classroom management and student motivation during a lecture. As a new teacher I am worried about gaining control in my classroom. The authors said that as a teacher you must require the classroom to be silent when lecturing. It isn’t okay to start teaching if the students are quietly talking. I see this in my practicum as well. My teacher waits for every student to be quiet. Sometimes he stands up there for minutes until they all get the hint. I think this is important because you can’t be talking over students. It also sets a tone for the classroom, to let the students know that you are in charge.


Lectures with direct instruction help students understand what they are supposed to be learning.




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